Educational Workshops about Brain-Sensing and related Technologies September 15 2015 by Sarvnaz Taherian

We’ve spent a fair amount of time running workshops and presentations on brain sensing or brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, and all the bits and bobs that make this type of technology feasible. Some of our presentations have been focused on one particular aspect of BCIs, such as machine learning or neurofeedback. However, all of our sessions are participatory and applied.

The Internet of Anything: Brain Monitors Are Going Mainstream May 21 2015 by Thought Wired

By Klint Finley | Published on on 05 May 2015

A company called SenseLabs has developed a new brain monitor Versus. It uses electroencephalography, or EEG technology to monitor brainwaves and provide real-time feedback whether a user is focused or stays calm.

The tool is similar to the devices offered by Muse and NeuroSky.

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