Thought-Wired launches PledgeMe Equity campaign (News Release) August 17 2016 by Thought Wired


Funding thought-controlled communication for the disabled 

Imagine being able to communicate with the outside world using just the power of your thoughts.

Picture how life-changing that would be if you were severely disabled and had no physical way of communicating - no ability to speak or move your limbs.

The technology exists, right here in New Zealand.

With the help of a simple headset, users’ brainwaves can be interpreted by computer software.

A Major Android Update of the Official Muse App is Finally Here! February 24 2016 by Thought Wired

It's finally here... Muse have just announced a complete overhaul of the Android app for Muse: the brain sensing headband! We use Android a lot at Thought-Wired, so we are celebrating with you! You can update the app on Google Play if your device didn’t do it automatically. UPDATES INCLUDE COMPATIBILITY The updated app works best with high-end Android devices. See for our updated compatibility information. Make sure to update...

New product! BrainLink Lite flexible easy-to-use EEG headband is now available on our store January 21 2016 by Thought Wired

We are very excited to announce a new addition to our brain-sensing devices product catalogue: BrainLink Lite from Macrotellect! BrainLink Lite is the first soft fully flexible low-cost brain-sensing headband on the market. It is built using tested and trusted EEG technology from NeuroSky (makers of the popular MindWave Mobile brain-sensing headset). This makes it compatible with all of the 100+ existing apps designed to work with the MindWave! The...

Young Teen's Device Helps Drowsy Drivers Stay Alert May 28 2015 by Thought Wired

By Casey Leins | Published on U.S. News & World Report on 12 May 2015

Katherine Wu’s “Driver’s Companion” includes a NeuroSky headset to monitor the driver’s brain waves and a device that analyzes them and sends warnings through the radio and by colored lights if the driver is too drowsy to be on the road.

Read how a ninth-grader developed her 'Driver’s Companion' using the NeuroSky headset here

100+ Applications for NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset May 26 2015 by Thought Wired

The NeuroSky Store features Apps by third party developers developing innovative neuroscience products in entertainment, wellness, education, utilities and more; as well as tools and utilities by NeuroSkyDesigned for interface with mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktop (Win and Mac), more than 100 applications are available for the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset.

Neurogaming Conference 2015: Highlights May 20 2015 by Thought Wired

The Neurogaming 2015 Conference and Expo took place in San Francisco on May 6-7 for a third year in a row. This year conference attracted over 750 attendees while the Expo featured over 50 leading companies! This year, the conference was dominated by applications aimed at improving health, wellness and education. 

In the past year, there has been a massive push to improve the quality of EEG devices, and the change was evident in the quality of the products on display. Products like the Muse Headset, Neurosky Headset, and Emotiv EPOC continued to improve their user experience, and new products have come to the forefront of the consumer market.

You can read the summary of the major highlights of 2015 NeuroGaming Conference here.

Muse 2.2 - Turning off instructions now easier than ever! May 15 2015 by Thought Wired

In the latest app for iOS release, you can easily turn instructions off to get into your sessions quicker.

Trevor Coleman, Co-founder and CPO or InteraXon talks with Kanetix's Sheena Lyonnais about Muse May 01 2015 by Thought Wired

In this short video Trevor Coleman, Co-founder and CPO or InteraXon explains how Muse works and how it can help you. 

A new and next generation Muse app April 30 2015 by Thought Wired

The new Muse app features a user experience that’s rich with new features, functionality, and rewards to keep users motivated and reaching their meditation goals. It’s available first for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with Android available in the summer of 2015. You won’t have to download a new app or start a new Muse account. Look for the redesigned Muse icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch* to...

Launchpad: Thought-Wired October 18 2014 by Thought Wired

Thought-Wired designs brain-sensing technology and solutions to assist people with profound physical disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives. The "assistive solution" requires only the power of thought to operate by gathering electrical brain activity through sensors placed on the surface of the scalp.

The team's solution combines innovative brain sensing technology with a training and access software application called NOUS. With a strong focus on social impact, co founder Sarvnaz Taherian says the venture's aim is to make the world more accessible for people with physical disabilities and envisions NOUS "will open doors for communication, education, entertainment and social participation."

Through Launchpad, Thought Wired aims to refine its business and commercialisation plan, establish effective business processes and prepare to raise the necessary capital required to launch the product to market.


Hello! October 15 2014 by Thought Wired

Thought-Wired is the official partner and distributor of brain-sensing devices from leading manufacturers (InteraXon, Neurosky and Emotiv) in New Zealand and Australia. If you are wanting to buy or pre-order the latest consumer brain-sensing devices, this is the right place.  We are actively involved in the research and development of solutions that utilise this technology and are committed to improving accessibility, particularly for people with physical disability. More information can be...
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