About Us

Thought-Wired began in 2010 with the idea of empowering people with severe disabilities to communicate and connect with family, friends and others, interact with the environment, and lead fulfilling independent lives. On our journey to develop assistive solutions based on direct brain interfaces and principles of user-centred design (see our solutions here), we gained invaluable knowledge and expertise for working with the newest interfacing technologies.


Through our shop, you are able to purchase a range of brain-sensing devices to start your own journey and exploration into the word of natural interfacing. If you would like assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@thought-wired.com and we'll help get you on the right track.


Find out more about Thought-Wired on our main website: www.thought-wired.com.




Dmitry Selitskiy

Founder and CEO

BBIM, BCom (Hons)

Dmitry founded Thought-Wired with the vision of making the world accessible to everybody. He brings over 6 years of experience in the IT industry including business and systems analysis, systems architecture and implementation, and project management.



James Pau

Product Development

PhD, BE (Hons)

James is a Research Fellow in the Mechatronics Engineering department at the University of Auckland. His research interests are mainly focused towards human and robot/machine interaction, with an emphasis on electrical signals that originate from the human nervous system.



Sarvnaz Taherian


MSc (Hons), BA

Sarvnaz is a doctoral candidate in Psychology at the University of Auckland. Her area of research is in systems training and usability, as well as conceptual modelling of assistive technology adoption and adherence. She also runs participant trials and is the wider community liaison. 



Konstantin Selitskiy

Non-Executive Director

MIntBus, BScEng (Hons)

Konstantin is passionate about the translation of new technology into commercial products. His background is in science and technology and he brings 25+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and management. He oversees governance and strategy.


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